Sunday, April 20, 2008

16th April 2008, Tourist duty completed

So, few days before we're going back.. I found this Hippo Bus, a touring service for city sightseeing in Singapore. As I said earlier, it only cost you S$ 23, and when I went there, they said they're having a promotion, instead of one day, I get 2 days Hippo Bus access by paying for only one. Well, not bad lah ya..
I'm adventuring in an unknown country alone.. well, I actually have planned which place I'm going to visit the night before. Haha.. you have to find informations first right?
I went to Little India, China Town, Bugis Junction, see the cities and finally took pictures near the Merlion and Esplanade theater. There still a lot of place I want to see tho. I didn't have time to do all yet, because of the unfriendly weather of the next day and it's just so not fun going there alone, so I postpone it.
Hope to be able to visit it with my brothers and Indra. It should be great! *fingers crossed..

Pic 1: at Merlion park

Pic 2: (still) at Merlion Park with the little Merlion statue

Pic 3: behind the Fullerton Hotel, going around looking for the bus stop to hop on the next Hippo Bus

Pic 4: got tired and took a rest at Fullerton Hotel alley.. since no one's passing, I took a shot, haha..

Pic 5: a henna tattoo I got at Little India

Pic 6: when I got really thirsty and water just can't help.. I drink Thailand coconut here.. hmm.. so fresh!!

I didn't get many pictures since I'm traveling alone.. the first 2 pictures at Merlion thanks to kind tourists from Thailand, Indonesia and other countries..
The other ones were taken by me and using timer (^^,)*

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