Sunday, April 20, 2008

12th April 2008, a date with Kino..

Kino is my second boyfriend, a librarian.. hahaha.. just kidding.. it's a bookstore.
Quite big one and of course you might know already.
So, I went to a bookstore today and treat myself a few books..

The Cute Book from Aranzi Aronzo. It's a bit smaller than the previous books, about making aranzi Aronzo's characters in felt.
I like it. They give clear explanations and funny cartoon dialog between the characters too..

About making things from felt.. bags, pouches, camera case, book covers, pot holders, book marks, place mats, little cute pillows, even sandals.. cute!

Projects in this book are mostly done with sewing machine help.
It shows us how to make pillow cases, sofa covers, mat, little pillows too, laundry bag, tea pot cover, postman bag, table cover, apron, etc..
There are cute projects I want to make. I'll share some to you too (^^,)*

Haha.. this book is funny. Well, even us adults love plushies, and of course, most of them come in the shape that is waaaay different from what we like when we're still kids. No more teddy bears or barbies and of course no big bird or barney.
This book has curious shapes of plush you might like, like plucky duck there on the cover. He really is a curious looking rooster.
Wonder what ideas going to come up from reading this book.. haha..

This book is a collection of plushies and their designers. Here we can find the most adorable, weird and creepy (or you name it) dolls and their makers. I found my favorite doll makers, flickr friends and bloggers such as Little Odd Forest, Heidy Kenney, Blair Stocker, Denise Cozzitorto, and others..
Some of the designers also share how to make their plushies.

The last is the Softies Kit. It has some cute creations, pattens and instructions and tips on making them. It also give some materials for creating one of the softie confection.

Other books are two novels, just to accompany me on resting time.. two teen-adult novels, Spiderwick and The Last Elf. Can’t wait to see Spiderwick the movie too.


Sanni said...

Buku yang ke 2 dan ke 3.....mana tahannnnn...hehehehehehe

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

ga tahan ama semua nya Ieee..
mau ta Ie? ntar cen pinjemin (^^,)*