Sunday, April 20, 2008

10th April 2008, the Day of the Surgery

My Father is having an eye surgery today.. Although he's looking cool, I can see that he's nervous. Well, whose not when you're having a 50-50 chance of getting your sight back?
We went to the medical center kind of early.. Besides checking my fathers eyes first, he also want mine to be checked too. The doctor suggest that all of his children be checked, because the case of my father's eyes is genetic. Beside him, his three (out of ten) other siblings have the similar cases too. So, this is a precaution of things we do not expect to happen.
So, I had mine checked and they are all perfectly fine.. just that I have a little minus and cylinder. Thank to Lord Jesus (^^,)*

This is my eyes picture. The doctor said that the condition is good. You can see the veins (urat-urat) are perfectly clear..

I don't know which one is right or left. This is the scans of my retinas I think, dinding retina.. the shape is good he said.

Still tho, I have to take a good care of it. Not only me, you all too.. eyes are really important you know. Without visions, it will be so dark..
These are the things we should do:
  1. Make regular eye exams a priority. As we are getting older, we might get seeing difficulties. Eye exams are recommended every two or four years for age 40-60 and one or two years for above 65. Not to mention kids and teenagers too. Moreover with todays technologies, we spend hours in front of computers, video games.. Point is we should have our eyes checked regularly.
  2. Control risk factors - quit smoking, manage high blood-pressure, protect your eyes from UV light by wearing brimmed hats and sunglasses.
  3. Eat a healthy diet - rich in fruits and vegetables and low saturated fat. Choose the most colorful fruits and vegetables - red, dark green, orange or yellow; and those rich in vitamins C, E, selenium, and carotenoids (such as beta-carotene, lutein & zeaxanthin).
Hope you find this useful.

By the way, back to my Father’s surgery.. it was going fine alias lancar. When he wakes up, all he can say to the nurse was “I’m hungry” hehe.. He’s My Dad. He was a bit worried about how the result will come out. On the first days, he can only see shadows, but now.. He can see quite clear already. “The TV looks so bright” he said last night, and he’s a bit scared of too much light getting in his eyes. I hope he’ll get better and better.. I want my father to see his grandchildren and play with them (^^,)*

For you who wants to check your eye conditions too, you can visit the website here. There are four doctors, but my father went to see Dr. Adrian Koh and the one handled his eye surgery is Dr. Ong Sze Guan. The staffs are nice, and they can help you with Bahasa too. There's also another one (she's not in the picture), she can speak Indonesia fluently, well, because she's originally came from Cipanas, West Java. She's really helpful. I forgot her name tho..

This is a picture at the airport. See his eyes? hehe..
Thank you Lord Jesus, for my Mum & Dad's health. (^^,)*

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