Sunday, April 20, 2008

Days away..

I haven’t been around these few days (10 days exactly). Been away to accompany my father to have his eye surgery.

First day, we arrived a little late, almost 10, so we just took bath and went to sleep.
Second day, which is the day of the surgery, I had my eyes checked too..
Third day, after visiting the doctor.. it’s time to visit my second boyfriend (like Indra said), Kino alias Kinokuniya the bookstore. Well, I fell in love with this place when I first came here.. why? Of course because they have a great collections of craft books; Japanese one, Chinese, English..Wow! But I didn’t get to buy anything until the fourth day. I bought six craft books and two teen-adult novels. A lot I know, just can't help it!!!
The days after are really boring, most things we do just, had a cereal and crackers for breakfast, went to lunch, go for a walk a bit, went back to the apartment, took a nap, and then go for dinner.. had some juice in front of the apartment.. boseeeeen… haha..

But then, at the 3rd day before we're going back, I found Hippo, a tour service for city sightseeing in Singapore. Only cost S$ 23 and you can go around the city on a bus, they have guides to explain about the city, interesting places, etc. With this, I finally complete my duty as a tourist, haha..

What I hate about Singapore is that their steamed rice is not really good.. sometimes it's hard and sometimes smells like the rice been kept for a long time. The most delicious one was the one at Tanglin Mall foodcourt. And the foods' prices there are cheaper too!! Too bad, we just found that place on our last day. Dad said that he'd rather walk a little bit further to have a nicer (and cheaper) food. Haha.. Bet you can guess where we're going to have our meal on our next check-up. Haha.. And I found something good there too.. ('^,)*

I'd like to go there again some day.. for a nice holiday or checking out new books, haha..

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