Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Love guitar..

There's something beautiful that happen yesterday when I was chatting with Indra..
He called me using Yahoo.. in the middle of conversation..

Indra : Say, Say(hon for honey, but in Indonesian).. listen to this.. don't talk, just listen, k?

but then, I heard he's talking with his Dad (I think), about business and all.. I was like, is this what he wants me to listen to? But I wait.. maybe not this I think..

Indra : Say, are you still there? Listen to this ya..

then he was like *bang bung bang..* but I kept quiet.. and then..
*he's playing guitar, an intro of a song.. Andre Hehanusa's song called Karna Kutahu Engkau Begitu.. my favorite song.. I don't know how to say it in English, "Because I Know That's How You Are"? hahaha.. Engcho deh.. English ngacho..

I really like this song, especially played with guitar.. hehe.. Walau Indra baru isa mainin setengah bar pertama.. gapapa.. udah bikin *klepek-klepek.. apalagi kalo seluruh lagu ya.. bisa lemes aku.. hahaha..
Luph ya dear! Jia You with your guitar lesson!!


Indra said...

hehehe.. sabar yagh.. sabar. iki orang baru belajar mo belajar lagu advanced langsung kekeke

Sanni said...

bela-belain...habis POS PI..belajar guitar hehehehehe

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Jia You buat Indra!!