Sunday, May 25, 2008

2nd Birthday Surprise...

Happy Birthday to you..

Didn't tell him that I was coming.. well, if I did, it would not be a surprise anymore, right?
Indra told me that he will be holding a birthday party and treat his friends for dinner.. I was like *OOOHH... I so wanna come*.
Thought about it, but I was afraid that I couldn't because of all the office moving stuff going on. I can't even promise Indra's Mum when she gave me the idea of the surprise. So many things to do, but then, thank you so much for the Lord above and those who helped, that it went smoothly.

I pretend that I couldn't come and was planning to have dinner with my friends, "well, Saturday night and you're out. We can't chat.. so I guess I'll be going out with some friends to eat", that's what I told him.. it's not a lie, I did have dinner with my friends right? at banjar, hahaha..

With QQ waiting at the restaurant and my lovely friend, Helens' help.. the surprise is succeed!
YAY!!! Darl is surprised, he didn't expected it (^^,)* Are you happy beb?

Other pictures with friends..

with Elementary, Junior & High School friends..

with Junior & High School friends..

with Church friends..

QQ & me.. SUCCESS!!!


Indra said...

nice nice.. you DO know that you have to be revenged for what you've done right?




be afraid...

be very very afraid...


Jeanne M. Wigoena said...