Thursday, May 15, 2008

Angels' voices..

Telling you the truth, I had difficulties finding a suitable title for this post.. should it be "Heaven Sent Angels" or "Hear the Angels Sing".. Gosh! I just can't decide just now.. but you should really hear their voices, they're really angels'..

My brother showed me these videos last night and I just can't help not sharing it with you guys..
They're from last year (2007) Britain's Got Talent show.. a TV program similar with American Idol, but they have a wider range, searching for the amazing talent you have, singing, dancing, anything. And the winner will perform in front of the queen. And these two little children's' videos that I'm going to show is just among the view, but they are really great!!

Andrew Johnston


As an addition, I also like these video because Simon Cowell is in it, he is one of the judges. I really like to see his face (expression) when he goes "Whoa!!" and admit that these two kids are FANTASTIC!
Just love it! (^^,)*


Sanni said...

Iie pernah lihat that little girl tampil di Oprah....(terkagum-kagum mode on) ^_^

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Mereka cool banget kan Ie..
Andrew's voice.. Oh My..
sampe2 Charlotte Church kalah deh..
*watch the video (again!) hahaha..