Sunday, May 18, 2008

An emotionaly tiring week

Last week has been a tiring week.. so soo soooo hectic.
Well, we're planning to move to our new office, which we did, yesterday. And there were just so much preparation.. like
  • make sure that the office renovation is finished, there still some more things to do. Like changing the door and the bathroom was leaking (I just found this out 3 days ago!), there are actually termites in the ware house where I'm going to keep my office supplies and some stuff the customers haven't pick yet, this has to be handled soon.
  • the air conditioner, which is working really well now, thank you. The tukang that supposed to install it is really annoying, but it's great now, so yea.. forgiven. haha..
  • need more water tank (tandon) because the PDAM just doesn't work, can you imagine that? Every month we have to pay for water, but there is no water!! It doesn't run and we have to buy water somewhere else. That's why I need more water tank for water supply. I gotta make sure that they attached and work well too.
  • the computers.. Mum wanted them to have wireless connection so we don't have to use too many cables. so yea... contact the computer guy and make sure that he can come after we arrange our office.
  • the telephones!Yea.. this one is a bit difficult. I have to move the old number to our new office, and the lady at Telkom office said that it will take about a week!! Can you imagine that? a WEEK! I can't take that because we're moving right away.. thanks again that I was once introduced to the operator, so I just called him and it's all done in a day.. YAY! but now, the problem is the telephone is broken. It won't rang! How am I going to know if there's an incoming call if the phone doesn't even rang? So, out it in the list, "buy a new phone".
  • give a souvenir to the previous house owner, which I haven't buy yet.
  • make a new name card.. zai na li a?
  • inform the customer about our new address.. and to the bank also. For the customer, I an delegate it to my employee sih.. so yea.. thank you so much yoo..
  • etc that I can't recall yet.. there must be some more things, but I forgot..
Other than office things, there are a lot more.. apply my little brother for study in China, buy some medicine my father asked me to buy, working on a secret project (I can't tell, even a clue, this is confidential, haha).
Well, there's just some.. I'm tired.. I want a holiday..
and I feel annoyed easily, over sensitive and a bit emotional sometimes, and I don't know..
I hope all the hard works paid off later..

Dear Lord, I gave it all to You.. for Your words is all that come true..
Help me with it.. terjadilah pada ku seperti kehendak- Mu Tuhan..


Indra said...

ha.. no wonder.. anyway, jiayou! stand there.. be strong :) and hope didiet would soon be involved hahahaha

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

YAY!! the computers are great today, wireless bebeh!
And the bathroom's okay already..
So glad..

*thinking if there's still anything needs fixing..hehe..