Monday, May 05, 2008

Flannel on Nick's short movie!!!

Was browsing online when my brother called me..

Bro : Sis, sis, you gotta see this!

Me : What is it?

Bro : A short movie on Nickelodeon, all of the characters are made from flannel!! Even the buildings, TV, etc.. it's great!!

* me half running from my room

Bro : come here, come here! Oh noo...

* just when I turn my head towards the TV

Bro : It's gone already.. too bad.. sorry..

* back to my room and typed "Captain Nick, Nickelodeon" on Google..
and TARAAAA!!!!

Captain Nick saves the day and the girl from Godzalla.
The clip is really short because it is intended to fill between shows and commercials on Nickelodeon channel.
I really like it!! Mostly because it is made from flannel!! haha..

If you cannot view the video above, try this.

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