Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doing the Karen Cheng

I've been following this COOL Mum's blog, she is a graphic designer, own a cool blog and has cute sons (I love them!!). So yeah.. her recent post is about her and her habit of taking self photos in front of big mirrors and apparently, that kind of pose has become her uhm.. how to say it? trademark? People call it her signature pose and they start calling taking self photos in front of mirrors as "doing the Karen Cheng".

Me, myself, love to take self pictures while trying out clothes in stores, or when I dressed up for parties.. and send them to my boyfriend. He loves to read Karen's blog too and in fact, I knew Karen from him. And.. after reading the particular post and saw what other Karen's reader did, he decided to make this post.. Jeanne Doing the Karen Cheng.I was doing the Jeanne actually, Karen doesn't smile in her pics.. hahaha.. g mau sama aja!! (^^,)*

* picture taken from Indra's blog


Indra said...

she DID smile! you just didn't want to be caught doing The Karen Cheng hahahaha

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

biarin wee..:-P