Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy series lately.. just finished season 1, thanks to QQ for the DVDs (^^,)* I know I'm so late in this, it's already in season 4 now..
Love it cause it has Patrick Dempsey in it, woohoo!! I start to be a fan since the Enchanted.
Didn't notice him in any other movies before, I love watching movies, but I cannot find him in any movie I watched, maybe because I just found the character (he played) that I like.
Really like him in this, playing as Derek Shepherd, a caring, compassionate, charming, smart doctor, love the glow in his eyes when he's looking at Meredith.. But I kinda hate him in the last episode of season 1. Just found out that he actually already has a wife! Darn it! Just when you thought you knew someone, and you didn't! Hate Dempsey! You better have a good reason for this.. Guess the answer is on season 2, better check it out.. haha..
Really wish that he'll end up with Meredith.. *fingers crossed

Don't tell me anything you who have watched it, I'm warning you!! haha..

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