Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting ready..

Sleepy.. but I still need to review the things I'm going to bring for the tour..

For your information, my family & I are going to a religious tour to Jerusalem etc tomorrow. We'll be leaving to Jakarta in the morning and leave Indo at night.
This is my first time and I'm confused. I don't know what to do there.. well, praying of course, is the most important thing, I'll definitely do that (^^,)*
Wish me luck ya guys..

*back to packing..


Chubby Panda said...

Hua...Jeanne jgn lupa foto2 yang banyak yah buat oleh2nya..! Wish you have a great experience there ^___^

Jeanne said...

@ chubby panda : thank you very much. iya.. udah sangu banyak memory card nih,hehe.. jadi kaya tukang foto keliling ntar..
you have a great time too (^^,)*