Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Udah download belum?

Download Day 2008
Hey guys! have you download Mozilla Firefox 3 today? If you haven't, click here.
I just downloaded it this afternoon, I was the 5million something person that have downloaded Firefox 3, and I just checked, it's already reach 6,710,939! Wow!
I don't know when the download period will end.. just hope it can reach the Guinness Records requirement and become the most software downloaded in a day.


xero said...

saya udah download! tapi belum instal hehehehehe, weleh langsung jutaan ya yg download, banyak penggemar ni FF

Indra said...

8 juta lebih download dalam waktu 24 jam! pagi ini wes di 9 juta! gendeng.. tinggal nunggu keputusan juri GWR aja neh