Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mum..

"It's a National Holiday!!!" like I said to Indra last night, and while he's still wondering, I told him, "It's my Mum's birthday". And he laughed so hard, hahaha..
Happy Birthday Mum!!
This is this mornings' picture.. foto dulu sebelum potong kue. (^^,)*

and a kiss from her lovely husband, our father, hehe..

We made a surprise for her last night, thanks to D for the idea.
So, late at night, before 12, my father sneaked out of his bedroom and get in again with a rose bouquet in his hand and us bringing cakes and confetti to be popped on the bed (we cancelled the confetti coz it makes a loud noise and my youngest brother has fallen asleep beside my Mum. We don't want to wake him. But we did popped it in the morning and Sean loves it so much.).

So yea.. Late night surprise, singging happy birthday to our sleepy mother, kiss on the lips from Dad (*aww..) and hugs and kisses from us too.. *mwah mwah.. and we go back to bed..

Birthday dinner? Nothing special, soalnya lagi bosen makan makanan Chinese and even Western, thank you for the tour, we're a bit bored of it still, but pizza is cool.. So we had dinner at Izzi, Sutos; right after we watched Red Cliff. Great story, great movie, great actors, great war strategy and the army formation. It's really cool, how can they predict their enemies moves? It's worth to watch, altho I'm pretty upset with the end. Why? Can't tell, it will spoil the excitement, right?! hehe..
Tonight's a great night! (^^,)*


Indra said...

awww.. good thing you didn't spoil the twist nor ending.. *grr hahaha

Fun said...

wuaaahh hepi belated bday buat ur mom... :) duhh mesranyaaa :)

Jeanne said...

thank you Fun (^^,)*