Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's COMING!!!

The Amazing Race Asia 3 is coming!!! This one is said to be the toughest ever. Just can't wait to see. When?
Starts September 11th, every Thursday @ 8 pm (ID)
The racers will be revealed on September 4th, Thursday @ 8 pm (ID), but you can see them in the website already.

I really like this program. The race, the racers (the last one was the coolest, they are from Singapore. One of them has a hearing difficulties, yet it does not make him weak and in fact, they win the Amazing Race Asia 2!), the places they visits, the spirits, the prize (obvious! who will say no for US $ 100,000?), and most of all, all the experiences you can get from that. You also get new friends, say, won't you be friends after 24 days being together, struggling, competing, having fun (racing) with 20 people?

They named it really right for this. Amazing Race! You ROCK!!

Ugh! Just can't wait!


Fun said...

iyaaa... aku juga lage menantikan nih... btw katanya ga ada team dari indo yak? belon liat sich web nya...

Jeanne said...

Fun : penggemar Amazing Race juga toh Fun? hehe..
Iya nih, kali ini ga ada team dari Indo. Apa kita aja fun yang ikutan? team up, Bangka & Banjarmasin, hoho..