Saturday, August 09, 2008

A letter from my very first customer (^^,)*

I just got an email today.. from Layla, my first customer.. she's so excited in receiving the bookmarks she ordered from me!! YAY!!
This is my first order, so yea.. I have a right to feel this way kan? hehehe.. that's what Indra said.
I'm so thankful that she likes the bookmarks I made her. She let me do all the designs for 28 pieces as long as it's girly, with butterfly ornaments, flowers, cupcakes, anything.. it's for her friends as farewell gifts. *hi hi.. seneng deh kalo karya2 kita disuka..
This is her letter..
Dear Jeanne,

I'm so excited upon receiving the bookmarks. Each individual bookmark is lovely and lucu banget!
I love it, they are perfect for my farewell gifts and I'm sure my friends will treasure it.
Once again I'd like to thank you for your time and effort. You're brilliant!
Expect more orders from me ;) - No worries, no last minute orders *wink*

Your's sincerely,

p/s: check out pic enclosed, even lil' Iman can't keep his hands off the pretty bookmarks!

These are pictures of her son with the bookmarks!! (^^,)*
*happy happy..
sweet dreams tonight.. I'll be in my felt land.. hoho..

See more of my collection here and here..


Indra said...

congratulation babe.. I know you must be proud :) well, since it was your first ever project, should we "selamatan"? hahaha

Jeanne said...

thank you beb.
selamatan? hmm..
budget must not be over the payment I get loh.. hahaha..

Fun said...

wuaaaahh congratz yak jen.. kamu dah selangkah lebih maju.. hehehe jangan kayak aku, ga maju2... hehehe :)
hayoooo terus berkarya :)

Jeanne said...

yee.. kamu mah lebih maju dari aku Fun. Dah punya toko gede gitu.. aku masih bisa dibilang dalam tahap merintis lah ya.. hehe (^^,)*
mari kita berkarya!! WOW!!