Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jungle coasters..

Just made these two!! Coasters with lion and snake pictures on it. I'm planning to make a whole set of six and name it jungle coasters.
The fabric I'm using is from Ikea. I bought it when I went to Singapore last time. It has animals pictures on it and so so colorful. I like Ikea's fabrics.
I used the idea from Amy Karol's book (bend-the-rules sewing). There are a lot of attractive and looks-so-easy projects in it. Can't wait to finish this one and start another soon..
I'm still learning, the sewing is still not too neat here and there.. hehe..

work-in-progress, two just finished ones, scissors, my sewing machine and messy felt on the background (see the pink and blue color).


popita said...

can i use reguler sewing machine to make it?
since i only have my mom's old sewing machine..

Jeanne said...

bisa lah.. pake tangan juga bisa kok.
gampang bikin nya..

Fun said...

wuaaaahh cantiknyaaaa.... sip deh..mank jeng satu ini tooopp abis

Jeanne said...

@ Fun : thank you bebeh.. kue mu juga looking so deliciousss.. (^^,)*