Monday, September 22, 2008

Help my friend - vote on City Roller..

Let's VOTE!!

Hi Friends!!
Just got a message from my friend on Friendster, Lee Herman. Apparently he's joining The First Polygon International Bike Design Competition 2008. Held last 16-19 September 2008. The best three has already chosen and now, they're fighting for the favorite winner..
And he asked for mine and all his friends help to vote on his (and his friends) design, City Roller.
The design is kinda unique, you can keep the front wheel in the rear one.. well, I can't really explain it, see it for yourself.. if you like it, you can vote for it. Help my friend win (^^,)*
No prize for us, but it's just happy to see our friends succeed, right?

Have a great day to you all!!


Gelandangan said...

Segera KTP
Voting Awe2 Manis dulu ahh
*Sambil memang tampang rayuan ehhhh dijitakkkk hihihhaiahiahi

Jeanne said...

@ Gelandangan : sudah ikutan vote? thank you thank you..
ngomong2 "awe2" apaan yak? sorry g ngerti (^^,)*

kanmaro said...

elmo: elmo ikutan voting juga ah.. moga-moga temennya Jeanne menang yak!! :)

Jeanne said...

@ elmo : thank you ya Mo..
mudah2an kita dapet sepeda, hahaa.. jokin' :-P

Tony said...

aku vot in juga deh :)

Jeanne said...

@ Tony : thank you thank you atas dukungan nyaa.. (^^,)*
si lee pasti seneng banget nih banyak yang nge-vote..