Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My blooming brooch..

Hehe.. nama nya juga hobby.. trus lagi mood, gimana yah.. hehe..
Just made this tonight, spent for about 5 hours, from 6 to 11 p.m. Not that long actually, just that.. I also did other things during the hours.. dinner, took a bath, watch TV while sewing.. so it's kinda long.. hehe..

I adapt the pattern from this book. It has so many flowers patterns in it.. luv it! In fact, I love all my craft books. I can spend a day just by looking at them, flipping their pages one by one, wondering which one to make.. haha.. parah yo?!
The size of the brooch is about 8x8cm.. kinda big too ya.. but I think it might look lovely on a bag or something.. I'll try it on tomorrow and post the photo (^^,)*

by the way.. interested with the brooch? just let me know..


Agus said...

A girl with so many free times to spend hehehe

Jeanne said...

@ Agus : malem kan wes pulang kerja Gus.. habis beres-beres, time for hobby dunk (^^,)*