Monday, March 02, 2009

10 Bad Habit of Yours You Don't Like..

Got another "aib" homework today.. from little Nindy (^^,)*

This is it..
  1. Make a list of ten (10) things or habit of yours that you don't like, if you got more than ten, you can just write it all.
  2. Don't forget to write the reasons why you don't like them.
  3. Tag other ten (10) blogger friends.
Here's my list..
  1. love to sleep - hehe.. I sleep a lot, in the car if someone else drives for me, in the classroom once or twice, at the office once, in my bedroom - just instantly.. haha.. if I feel really tired, bleh.. just can't be bothered. I can't open my eyes even if I want or have to.
  2. sometimes hard to fall asleep - feelin' sleepy but can't fall asleep.. weird eh? I just roll on my bed, turning left right left right and had headache in the morning.
  3. absent-minded - so easilly to forget things.. helps to forget people's mistakes so I won't be someone who kept anger inside me (pendendam), but it's really troublesome with works and daily life.. I often walk into a room and forgot what I was looking for or want to do before.. sigh.. any idea to help me?
  4. easily distracted - makes me delay a lot of stuff
  5. love to eat snacks - then I'll gain weight, sigh..
  6. not a tidy person - my room is a mess
  7. love windowshopping (online or not) - end up buying things I don't need.. I don't do this nemore tho.. hehe.. or actually, make myself.
  8. impatient - makes people pissed at me
  9. tulalit - g diajak ngobrol
  10. plin plan alias can't make fast decision - cape dee..
  11. easilly feeling down - not originally a confident person. This is really really bad.. when I feel down, everything just so.. grey, tears, down, black, pitch.. arghh.. don't feel like to be seen at these times, I'd hide in the closet if I could.
People I want to tag.. hmm.. sapa yaa..
Angel, JieWa, Fun, Eiger, Boot-D, Diana Ang, Neno, Rollz, Takatophilip, & Indraa..


nenoneno said...

Jeanne.. baru baca tadi di dashboard wordpress ku. apa peer ini buat aku? hihi.. :D

Angels said...

susah nih PR nya kali ini. :)) kupikirkan dlu yah apa aja :P nanti baru ku post ^^

Jiewa said...

love to sleep
Who doesn't ?
Aku doyan mbangkong.. :P
Tapi kadang suka nyesal, kok merasa kurang produktif kalo banyak tidur..

Thx ya udah di tag :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Nenoneno : iyaaa. ini peer buat kmu, hehe.. kerjain yaa..

@ Angel : kok susah Ngel? hehe..
jangan lupa loh, ntar bu guru marah peer e g dikerjain, hahaha..

@ Jiewa : wakakak.. rasa e kabeh orang doyan mbangkong.
Tul, nek tidur terus2an ya elek Jie, ojo ojo.. hehe..

nenoneno said...

hi Jeanne. I've done this homework. check it out. thanks. :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Nenoneno : udah d periksa, dapet 100!! hehehe..