Friday, March 20, 2009

a little something from the seminar..

I went to a seminar with my brother last night, by Hermawan Kartajaya @ Shangri-La.
It was fun, a lot of information absorbed, new friends gained, and some samples of marketing action to do in this economic recession.. to make us survive it.

And there's something about the low budget and great income.. like how the movie Slumdog Millionaire can beat The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Esia's package, join a community and other things.. This one really interest me.. hehe.. well, coz it's funny. It's a commercial for Doritos, made by Joe Herbert.. you got to see it (^^,)*

And this one, is also Doritos commercial I found in youtube.. cute too.. I think I've seen it somewhere before tho..

The power of Doritos eh?! Have you try it tho? I haven't.. maybe sometime later, hehe..

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