Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lomo Lovers MV & So Much Things to be Done..

Pas lagi chat ama beb, pas sekalian update facebook, edit2 tag e temen2 yg baru join-an fb.. trus liat2 fb group, The Lomo Lovers!!!, ada yg post MV lagu yang didalem nya si penyanyi foto2 pake Lomo.. ahh.. asik sekali.. jadi pengen cepet2 tau hasi foto supersampler ku and jadi tambah pengen beli fisheye too.. hehehe.. nabung dulu ahh, dah beli2 gadget kebanyakan. Sekarang seh pengen nya ngajakin papa patungan (or kalo beruntung dibeliin sekalian, hehe) beli kamera DLSR, hahaha.. *fingers crossed.. wish me luck. hmm.. asked him as a b'day present? haha.. good idea.. hohoho.. *evilish thought ('^,)*

Btw, this is the MV. It's a Cantonesse song, (if I'm not mistaken) by Dear Jane titled Bie Shuo Hua (don't know how to say it in Cantonesse, hehe..).

Wah.. masih banyak hal yang harus dikerjain neh.. beberapa hari k depan bakal sibuk abis..
Ngurus asuransi, pengen nyari asuransi pengangkutan yg baru.. the old ones pengurus e kongkalikong ama admin ku(darn, I want to fire her!!).
Upcoming projects: framed couple dolls for Dora & Leo's anniv due March 19th and some flannel cake & puddings for Aisha (Asti's daughter), I want to finish it before her birthday on 30th this month.
And then, Hermawan Kertajaya's seminar Father wants me to attend on March 19th.
What else?
Can't remember them all for now.. I think I should note them all down.. just in case, haha.. I'm a bit of absent minded person, waaaa.. gawat kalo ada yg kelupa.
Oh yeah.. the long long overdue flannel guitar for Charlene, bad Jeanne!! have to finish & send it to her FAST!!

Well, better take a rest now..
Nite everyone..
Sweet dreams (^^,)*


Indra said...

wahh?? ada yang mau minta DSLR juga? hehehehe canon ae.. jadi lensa isa pinjem"an hehehehe

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Indra : pengen e seh beb..
hehehe.. we'll see, help me wish, hahaha..