Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Always watch what you're saying..

Actually I was going to titled this post "Watch your mouth!!", but I thought it was rude, so I changed it..
Hmm.. you must've thought that I'm in a really bad mood right now, or angry, or mad.. anything to have cause me want to write that title. Well, I am a bit annoyed..

So.. I went to a friends' shop this evening, to order some stickers my mother asked me..
We're having a chitty chatty after that, and she told me..

Her recently graduated brother in law is planning to study Chinese in China, so, her mother in law contact the school agency that we used before, asking this and that.. and the consultant who handled her was one of our friend back then in Beijing, as for the name, kept secret, ok? Let's call him Bam.
My friend (let's call her Ai, ok?), so Ai's mother in law asked her to go to the bank and wired some money for the registration and school fee.. for quite a big amount. And when she got back, her mother in law asked.. is that enough? Is the amount also included for living cost, eat and stuff? Well, she said it is back then.. but we don't know now, more over the city that her brother in law choose is a big one and the stuff there are more expensive.
So, her mother in law once again, asked her to ask the agency about it..

So, Ai called the agency and Bam picked up the phone..
Ai asked "Hi Bam, I want to ask about the cost for studying in Shanghai. How much is it?"
Bam answered (with an iritated voice) "How much did you pay before? It's just the same like when you went to Beijing." which is actually four years ago.. the exchange rate is different right now and it must have a different, right?
Ai said, still patiently "well, Bam.. you know Hans (Ai's husband, also a fake name here) little brother, Ben (again, fake name) is planning to go to Shanghai, I think in A school.. so his mother ask me to ask about it to you.."
Surprisingly Bam said "who? Ben? I know that guy.. you know? his mother is so stupid!! I explained about things to her over and over, but she doesn't understand it. Isn't it stupid?"

DANG!! Surprised??! Imagine how shocked Ai was when she heard him calling her mother in law stupid.
Even after that, Bam asked if Ai has any connection with Ben's mother.. well, she said "She's my mother in law". And Bam still said, "well, I'm just telling you because you're my friend, she's so stupid". WHAT??!!
Ai, of course got angry.. "Bam, she's my mother in law.. are you in a place to call her like that? And you call yourself a marketer.. Because I still consider you a friend, I'm telling you this, you shouldn't have said that". And she hung up..

And not just that, the email from Bam about the school fee is still iritating.. "I'm here sending you the cost for two schools, school A and B. Because when I checked it, Ben is listed n school B, but because you asked about school A, so I'm sending you both".

This guy.. oh my! should we still consider him a friend?
I mean.. he already know that Ben's mother is also Han's mother.. who is also friends with him back in Beijing, but he still dare to call her like that.. and even after Ai told him that she is her mother in law, he still call her that. I mean.. does he have any manner? It's really shocking.. well, we're not that close back then, but we never know that he could act like that.

To see it in a professional's view tho.. he's not a good consultant or marketer too, in fact, maybe an awful one..
Well, before you call someone something rude like stupid, because he or she doesn't understand your explanation.. you should've asked your self.. have I explain it right? is this the right method to make her understand? I mean, different customer different approach, right?
It's impossible to treat kindergarten student, elementary, university student and a grandmother in the same way. You have different method for each one of them. And as a marketer, aren't we supposed to please our customers? meet their needs.. not calling them something rude because they don't get what we mean or not buying our products.
Words is the marketers weapon.. and heart is the bullet. If your word doesn't come out with a good intention, you better look for another job (nyambung g sih kata2 gue?). I will wonder if his boss didn't fire him.
And worst, he's starting to lose a friend now.. three today.. wonder how many later if he keeps that kind of attitude.
Sorry is not acceptable too right now..way too late man!

As the result.. Hans sent a message to both Bam and Bam's boss complaining about it, but still no reply.. about Bam, I don't know.. his boss, I think he's in China so he couldn't check his message yet..

Wonder how it will be..


Angels said...

woww..he's really rude(!) He shouldn't say such things like that to anyone. what if someone calls his mother stupid :| he's such a bad marketer.

btw jen, thank u yah email apartemen yg di singapur ^^ udah ku kasih ke temen ku.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: tell me about it.. didn't even apologize.. sigh..

ok Ngel, glad if I can help.
I'm going there also this 3-7 Sept, my father's schedule for eye check up.

Rashai said...

I was a marketing back then, if I had a salesperson like that, I'll kick his ass! :) Don't worry, you reap what you sow.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Everybody wants to kick his ass..
Moreover, my friend (Ai) told me yesterday.. he didn't reply her husbands' message, in return, he wrote on his FB status "for SOME people, its easier to complain rather than showing gratitude".
Gosh! He really needs to be taught some manner..

Rashai said...

Sabar... sabar Non.. Blok user ae di FB :)