Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where's Wally?

Hi hi.. Do you know Wally?

I just found this book yesterday and of course, bought it (haha..) at Periplus, Juanda when I went there with Indra.. what am I doing at the airport? well, Indra is going back to Bjm after a short trip here (^^,)* and how did I get into Periplus? ahh.. you know lah, using his sisters' ticket to get in, hahaha..

Well, that's not what I'm going to talk about right now..
So, do you know Wally? Or some of you may know him as Waldo? He has many names (as the source said), the first one is Wally when the book first published in 1987, and then he got famous and adopted by 28 countries around the globe. Because its franchise gave a new name and personality to the character.. don't be confuse.. they're just the same person, Wally. For example; he became Charlie in France, Walter in Germany, Holger in Denmark and Willy in Norway. You can find Wally in Japan, while in Israel, he got renamed as Effy. But of course, the most successful one, even more famous than the original "Wally" brand, is the North American adaptation, Where's Waldo?

I found this photo in the Facebook profile.. and one of the fans said "What is this about?"
He must've thought that Waldo is the real name, and this "Where's Wally?" book is the fake one.. poor Wally.. he was the original, but thought as the fakey.. kasihan deh..

So, who is Wally? well, he's a character created by Martin Handford.
He's a tall thin guy who's planning on a hike around the world. Dressed in a red and white hooped shirt and bobble hat, always carrying a wooden walking stick, and wears round glasses (just like the one Harry Potter's wearing I guess) and yea.. most of the times , carrying his back pack.
The book Where's Wally consist of full-page illustrated pictures of hundreds of tiny people. And we have to find Wally among the group, which can be so difficult because he is always well hidden. Beside finding Wally, we also have to find his friends; Wenda, Woof the dog, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw. And as addition to the fun of it, there are also lots of lost things that you will have to find in each illustration. This book is really a fun friend for traveling.. which is why I bought it.
I love buying travel-mate books.. I have word-search, find difference (of two or more pictures) book, sudoku, etc.
I just did the first and third page of Where's Wally? book, and WOW!! My eyes tired.. hahaha..
Interested in trying to find Wally to? Try this link!! (^^,)* Have FUN!!


Indra said...

2 pages and my eyes gone crazy! hahaha *you cheat! you skipped a page! LoL

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hahaha.. I know!! My eyes got so tired after two pages too..

Well, I finished the first and skipped to the third.. haven't done the second, it's not like I have a cheat sheet, hahahaha..