Sunday, August 23, 2009

IBM 10th Anniversary..

Went to my major's 10th annivesary last night.. an anniversary and also a reunion with some old friends.. and we're having fun and a lot of pictures.

I went there with my boyfriend (soon-going-to-be fiancee, YAY!). It's been a while since the last time we went to that kind of event, and my friends always asking about him when I came alone at parties.. well, we're in an LD, so it's a bit rare for us to be seen together on events. But soon.. hehehe..

Well, it's about my major anniversary and reunion right now.. so, there are only fourteen people from our batch (2000) including me and a table consist of 10 people from 1999 batch, some from 2001 and a whole lot from 2002 until 2009.. wow.. most of the older batch (the oldest is 1999 students) are not in Surabaya, either they are in other cities and even abroad. Really miss my college friends..

So, we catching up with each other, some exchanging name cards, talking business, but most of us of course, just chitty chatty and having fun.

Everything was great too.. there's a play by 2007 & 2008 batch students, although we call it jayus, it is still very creative of them. We watch our photos slide show from 1999 to 2009 batch.. we made fun with our lecturers, etc.
There's also a farewell from our head of the program, Mr. Ricky.. he's going to study again for some time in Japan, and his position is going to be replaced on October. And last but not least.. there's also a door prize.. and I won the first one!! A polygon bicycle.. means I have to get myself in shape? hahaha.. it's a sign that I have to get some exercise I guess..

I hope we can get something like this again sometime and all of our friends can come.. it will be GREAT!!

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