Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taylor Swift.. I love!!!

Wee.. she's so pretty, great act (on her MV) and great voice too!!
Actually I 've heard her songs on the radio, but never really notice it till my brother showed me her album, then last night.. I was browsing online and was trying the download helper Indra just installed for me and yap, I browsed her videos on you tube. Downloaded three!! hahaha..
The one I like the most is You Belong With Me.. nice.. and she looks so pretty, even in a nerd glasses. Second, of course, her famous song, Love Story.. I really like the dress she's wearing, hmm.. idea for my own (wedding dress)? First have to lose much weight to look as pretty as her tho, hahaha.. *fingers crossed (^^,)*

You want to see the videos? Here they are..
My favorite.. You Belong With Me..

And LOOOOVEEE the wedding dress and oh! the hair do!!! on Love Story..
You can only watch in on you tube with this link.. somehow I couldn't find the embed code.. hope you enjoy it as much as I do..


Rashai said...

Ho..ho.. you're back! Nice song! So you're kinda romantic girl? :)

Btw, I got new blog.. brand new! please visit when you got time :)


Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Hi hi.. yea, it's been a while..
Going to write about my missing, tp masih males, hahaha..

Yep! he song is nice, rite?
Me? romantic? hahaha..

Okay, I'll check it out Rash (^^,)*

Angel said...

I love the song too!! satu album enak semua. btw video nya juga bagus yg you elong with me ini xD ini kayak nicer version nya avril labigne's girlfriend.