Friday, October 02, 2009

Wearing Batik today?

YAY! As an Indonesian whose proud of our culture and heritage, may I say "HAPPY BATIK DAY!!"
Haha.. yep yep.. today, on November 2, 2009, UNESCO is going to include Batik in the list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" items. It is said as a cultural icon with its own uniqueness. Hmm..

Don't you feel proud?
I bet all Indonesians are so happy today, especially after several unpleasant events that happened recently, about our dance and musical instrument that were claimed by other country as theirs.
Besides Batik, the government also working on the instrument of Angklung and Gamelan. I hope they're going to succeed, we have to protect our heritage legacy, right?!

I still remember back in the elementary school, our art teacher sometimes asked us to draw Batik pattern in our drawing books. It always come with a flower shape with brown (from light to dark) and black color.. but now, we can find so many colorful Batik, the pattern designs are no longer formal like it used to, new modern design were made. We can wear Batik for casual events too now.. Saw some patterns made on t-shirt too, it's fun! Batik is IN again people (^^,)*

I wore Batik today.. the only Batik shirt I have. Not something expensive like Batik tulis or the ones you found in Danar Hadi, Allure etc.. I bought it in some boutique for Rp. 42.000,- cheap eh? haha.. I like it tho..
I want to find something like the RI President's daughter in law, Annisa Pohan wears in some events, they're pretty and casual. It's nice.

Well, did you wear Batik today?


Rashai said...

I got one batik only back home in Bandung and it was only for 'formal' party back then, hope I'll find the nice casual and affordable ones like yours :) and wondering what you look like on your casual batik :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

haha.. it will be fun to see a photo of you wearing Batik there.. judul e "Batik in Sydney". eh, keren loh To.. ada g ya org2 Indo yg tinggal dluar negri pake batik pas tgl 2 kemarin? asik kan tuh? haha..

pengen yg dpake ama mantu nya pak SBY, si Annisa, tp pasti mahal punya tuh.. punya nya Allure.. hiks..:(

Rashai said...

Wah aku ga liat batik satupun di Sydney kemaren tuh, mungkin kalo mampir ke Konjen RI baru ada yg pake batik he..he.

Angels said...

I did I did. u udah liat di blog haha. kaos doang. ga punya yg lain :(
adanya baju tidur :P

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Rashai: klo tgl d luar negri, plg seneng klo konjen lg ada acara yah.. biasa nya kita boleh dateng and banyak makanan Indonesia.. hahaha..

@ Angel: iyaaa.. aku liat, hehe.. aku sempet foto jg seh, tp lom d upload :p
ahh.. daster batik tuh enak2, murah meriah and ademm..