Saturday, December 26, 2009

The First..

I don't remember whether I have or have not post this.. just random story tho..
Just happen to visit a friend's blog.. and he wrote an article about Song Hye-Kyo, the first Korean star he fell for, that is being appointed as Panda goodwill ambassador by the Chinese Government last June.

It's not about her becoming an ambassador for Panda that I want to talk about.. but it's a good thing really.. I had a dream of hugging panda.. it'll be so huge, warm and furry.. I love it (^^,)* haha..
And yea.. it's about the "first" thing.. Song Hye-Kyo happens to be my little brother's first too.
He likes her performance so much when she played on a serial called Endless Love. He even bought the original soundtrack cassette. It was back at the time when he's in high school.. went to a school 1t Malang and lived in the school dorm.

You know the life of dorm students, living in the same house, going to school together, helping each other, etc.. well, not just some good stuff.. some students come with a a negative behavior too.. It was one day when he's looking for his cassette, he rarelly lend it, because you know, it's his favorite :P
None of his friends know where the cassette is, even the guy who took it claimed that he doesn't know anything.. so my brother kept looking and he found it in that guy's room, in a bag or sumtin.. and he asked whether he took it or not.. but that guy still claimed that he doesn't know anything about it and said that his other friends took it and he just found it there in the room.. it was already confirmed that none of his roommates know anything about a cassette.

It was a public secret actually, that he likes to "take" things so my brother and his friends knew it already that it's actually him who took (or stole) the cassette..
My brother's actually okay with it, he got his cassette back.. but he punched the kid still.. my brother's other friends were guarding on the front door to keep an eye on the dorm keeper, the guys roommates reading books on their beds pretending that there's nothing happen.. poor kid.

It was my brother's first fight ever..
He never fight in school before, he's the calm and cool guy type.. and he really can control himself.
But with this kid, he lost his temper really.. not only that he didn't apologize for taking the cassette, he also blame it to his friend.. guessed that really got my brother.. haha..

Song Hye Kyo, first crush and first fight.. she got the power over my brother, hahaha..
Guess it is girl power?! hahaha..

Just a random story.. Have a great weekend, peeps!


Rashai said...

Just got time to catch up with your posts, after nearly two weeks running around from one city to another now I am back home, indeed home sweet home :)
Hye Kyo... yes my first 'Korean girl' ever :)

Happy New Year!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Hi To!!
Where have you been? a tour?

Happy New Year to you too!!

Rashai said...

My own tour of my favourite destination, you know me.. :)