Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Currents..

Do you love writing on journals?

I’d always love to make a daily journal, but sometimes I just don’t know how to start..
And I was browsing and found this cute ideas on everyday journaling.. but you can also do this once a week.

I found the idea on Avital's blog, who got the idea from Elise, and Elise got it from Amy who got it from Tina.. hahaha.. that's a really long line.. :-p

Anyway, the journal is really easy to make, the prompts/lists are already provided and repetitive.. It’s about the current things you are listening, eating, wearing, needing, wanting and even the weather. It’s really easy to keep up..

By the way, you can also check it out on Avital's blog, she's giving free printables of prompts.

These photos are Elise’s & Avital’s current journal..
I hope you enjoy making them as I think I will.. and just like Elise said, it’s a fun documentation exercise..

P.S. I already made a link of these post on my wordpress account, you can visit there if you want to look for their web link. thank you

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