Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Current on 01.11.11

I decided to try on the journaling idea I shared yesterday, I might make a weekly post on it.. because I’m not really sure I can keep up doing it daily.. this can be a good journaling practice for me ;)

listening to the sound of air conditioner and CPU at my office.. haha.. so quiet here till I can hear them all.

eating lemper.. it’s an Indonesian food, made out of ketan rice, with seasoned shredded chicken meat in between and wrapped in banana leaves. I think it’s banana leaf.. :p

drinking soy bean drinks with original flavor.

wearing Ourfitter girls’ purple flowery tube dress and a lavender color cardigan.

feeling hungry still.. what can I say? Preggies?! :P

weather – the sky is a bit cloudy, so I guess we might be expecting rain this afternoon.

wanting more and more paper, embellishment and tools for my scrapbooking supplies :P

needing change, to be more organized and better person.

thinking that this first 10 things I made is a bit lame.. hahahaha.. I really don’t know what to write.. looking around me as I’m typing this.

enjoying this soya bean drinks.. LOL

wondering if this currents routine ever gonna work.. hahahaha..

Oh well.. this is my first attempt of keeping a simple journal, I hope it will last :-)

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