Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Book #02 in Progress

I’m currently so into mini books.. well, honestly because sometimes I have no idea what to put on 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper.. :P
Yea, I know I have saved a lot of layouts, people’s works on the web as an inspiration, but it’s still a bit hard to execute the ideas sometimes.

So yea.. I had these mini chipboard albums I bought when I went to Surabaya the last time, I feel like making something out of it..
And yap, the idea got stuck again..

This is what I came up so far..
I’m going to find some embellishment and plain card stock to go along with it. I hope it will come up good..

Oh yea.. if you notice, I wrote Mini Book 02 on the title, so where’s no #01??
I made a baby boy mini album for my soon coming (Feb’2012) baby boy, it’s not yet finished also because I want some of the embellishment to be on top of the photos (whish I don’t have yet, because the baby is still in my belly :p ), but I’m going to take some photos to share here.. soon.. :)

Ok then, back to work.

Enjoy your day!

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