Sunday, December 04, 2011

Busy Sunday

I usually wake up late on Sunday.. and spend the evening taking a nap.
But this Sunday, it was different. We both woke up around 7 am.

We’re ( my husband and I) are planning to have dim sum with my parents & sister in law. There’s a new.. umm.. it’s actually not a new place, it’s been open for about two years, serving suki (like Japanese shabu-shabu) and Chinese food. And now, they are starting to serve dim sum.
We tried it before with some friends and thought that it’s nice, so we are taking our family there today.
We ordered bitan (black egg) porridge, siomay, salted egg-bun, chicken feet, tofu spring roll, etc.. I don’t know their proper name in English.. hahaha.. well, it’s a nice breakfast :-)

We spend the day at home, my hubby was organizing his stuffs and as promised, I made pizza :-p YAY!

My friend’s baby sitter has worked to a British family for almost 4 years and she surely knows quite a lot of western breakfast because of that. I don’t think that pizza, lasagna, and sandwich are British breakfast menu, but all I know is that she’s good in making them.
She made us a crispy and yummy pizza last time and I’ve been asking her to give me the recipe.. but she’s just used to make the bread dough by instinct she said, I mean, she’s doesn’t really know the exact measure of the flour, olive oil etc.. so I guess rather than making myself confuse and lost because of not knowing what to do.. I bought a recipe book, called Pizza Kriuk. It’s an Indonesian recipe book..

Here’s what I came up with..

This is the 1st batch.. I made total 4 pizzas..
The left one is a photo of the 1st pizza before mozzarella topping and the right one is after topped with mozzarella :-9
All before going to the oven.

Left photo is the 1st batch.. nyummm.. My hubby said (& I also thought), tastes like tomato.. hahaha.. I believe I have put too many tomato paste in the sauce mixture :-p
The right side photo is the 3rd batch, slightly smaller size and less tomato paste and thinner bread.. requested by my hubby & he likes it ;-)

This is a photo if you want to see how small and thin the 3rd pizza is.. hahaha..
All four pizzas were finished in a day. I brought the last one while visiting my friend in the afternoon.
I also made a soy bean milk.. my mother lend me her machine, so easy, just add water, (previously soaked and peeled) soy beans, and pandan leaves to give a nice aroma.. then press the button.. your milk will be ready in half-an-hour.. haha..
I’m planning to make soy bean milk everyday till labor time, and maybe take turns with green beans too. :-)
People say it’s good for pregnant ladies.

It is indeed a busy Sunday.. my hubby still continue organizing his stuff after we went home..
But we’re both happy and I’m planning to make some pizza bread again soon.. but I think I’m going to modify it into something else.. 4 pizzas in a day, although it can be said a personal pan sized, it’s still a bit too much.
I just like the thin and crunchy pizza bread :-)

How’s your Sunday?
Hope you had a great one!

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