Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Daniel!!

Two days ago, December 5th’ 2011 was my friend’s son’s birthday.. but we are celebrating it tonight :-)

It was fun gathering with the girl friends.. the husbands and kids are coming too, and they are chit chatting and the kids are playing in the playroom.

And yesterday, I started making this for her son’s birthday.. another scrapbook frame, this is the third one I made for my friends, I hope she’s going to like it and a use it to place her son’s 5th birthday photos :-D

I made it using papers from Echo Park Little Boy..
I really love this collection.. the colors are cheerful and they have planes, trains and cars pattern that is really boyish and cool for scrapbook-ing the little boys. I made the layout copying the layout I found on this site.

At first, I wanted to make the layout exactly like the example has, but then I changed my mind..
Because I wanted the page at least fits three photos, two small ones and one with a larger size (like post-card size for example). So I made some modification.
This is what I came up with..

The left one is the view of it in a frame.. ready to be wrapped and given to the happy little boy :-D
The right one is the photo before it went in to the frame..

Below are the detail photos..

I added some flowery details with Prima Marketing flowers and bows made with twinery.. yes, I think boys can go with flowers and bows.. :-p
On the bottom of the page, under the bigger photo space, there’s a little train.. toot! toot!
I also added some glitter accent on the train, it doesn’t really show on the photo I think..

I think I have said it, but I just have to say it again.. I DO really love this little boy collection!! I love the colors!! And to make it merrier.. I added colorful little buttons on some of the circles.. haha..
I added glitters on the letter stickers too.. I just love it..
Do you think I did too much on this? This is the first time I made a page this merry and colorful and just.. so full, I think :-p

I stamped this at the back of the frame.. a little gift made with love from my husband & I.

My cellphone just rang.. an SMS came in and it came from my friend. She said the frame is so cool!
So happy I could be smiling in my sleep tonight :-D

Good night everyone.. sweet dreams..

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