Monday, December 12, 2011

Just a short one..

This is just a short post..

I stayed at home today.. feel like cleaning up the room, although there’s still a lot of things to dump and organized.. :-p
So I managed to re-arrange my drawers, move our underwear (my husband & mine) to the other drawer and turn the currents for baby clothes. We cannot add more cupboard, it’s not that we cannot afford it, but our bedroom is the one that do not have extra space for new furniture. The baby crib will take 1 x 2 meters by it self.. so we decide to not getting any other cupboard and just re-arrange our stuff.. haha..

I washed some of the baby clothes too.. can’t wash them all at once because it’s just too many and I did it by hand.
It makes me happy seeing the little socks hanging there.. haha.. love the tigger and pooh socks..

And I did a little baking too.. I made chocolate cupcakes.. But I think the recipe does not use too many chocolate (only 2 spoons!!), I want to look for more chocolatey ones :-)
But I’m pretty glad with today’s result.. no more burned cupcakes!

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