Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Currents

listening : Michael Bublé’ s Christmas Album Special Edition. I love Michael & I love Christmas!!!

eating : we had wonton noodle soup tonight. :-) YAY! It’s been a cold rainy day lately.. the wonton noodle soup will be perfect to warm up the stomach :-p

drinking : green beans milk?! I don’t know how to say it in English.. in Bahasa Indonesia, it’s called air kacang hijau).

wearing : School sandal, white & red stripey dress, and a pair of glasses.

wanting : to make a girly mini books.. maybe some of my friends with daughters might want it ;-)

needing : a massage.. as the belly is getting bigger, I feel more and more back pain and tired legs.. I just haven’t found the right person who can really give a pregnancy massage..

thinking : that I have to stop shopping on scrapbook supplies for the time being.. I kept adding and adding supplies, but none has been done yet.. well, just a few.. while I have hundreds of papers, stamps, paper punches, crop-a-dile and lots of embellishments now..

enjoying : sitting here on the floor in front of my laptop and surrounded by the newly came scrapbook papers.. haha.. I love looking at their cute, gorgeous designs :-p

wondering : what other dishes or cake or cookies I’m going to try cooking or baking next.. I really hope I can prepare my children’s meal everyday.. got to start learning soon.

thankful for : having a healthy pregnancy until now, I’m 8 months pregnant :-) I had quite a stomachache two days ago, but it’s nothing serious. The doctor said, it’s because of the baby, he’s getting bigger which means it’s becoming more and more difficult for him to move in my belly.. and I have a little of gastric pain, I’ve been eating late.. So now.. I’m going to supply my self with a lot of fruits and snacks in the room, haha.. just in case I got hungry late at night :-p

Saw the ONE minute with Ali Edwards on Big Picture just now and thinking about having one for myself.. maybe next time :-)

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