Monday, December 19, 2011

Junior Masterchef 2

I almost forgot that last night was the premiere of Australian Junior Masterchef 2 on Asia’s Star World. And I ended up watching the later show and slept rather late :-p

I always love watching Masterchef, especially the Australian ones, no offense but the US Masterchef contestants are a bit rough, and they have a bad mouth, swearing things and that.. the Australian ones are more like a family.. Maybe it’s only because of culture differences.

So amazing that these little kids can cook such a decent and sophisticated, sometimes amazingly delicious meals and desserts..
Ugh, it made my confidence just poof!!! gone away just like that.. I’m a 28 years old and soon to become a mother.. still cannot cook a simple meal :-( so saaaaad…
I’m planning to peek on their special recipes and those I think that’s nice and try it at home myself..
I hope I can be a better cook for my husband and future kids.. *fingers crossed*

I just opened the official website.. and alas.. I forgot that the show is already finished in Australia, and for Asia, it’s a bit late.. so they actually have the winner already -_-”
So, I saw the winner!!! Arghh.. such a spoiler.. but I’m still going to watch it..
It is more fun to be involved in the process, right?

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