Saturday, June 16, 2012

1st Mini Album | work-in-progress

We just had a short trip to Surabaya on 4th to 8th of June' 2012.

We were excited because it’s our 1st trip together. It’s our son, Michael, first trip, first ride on the plane, first time he’ll use his stroller, and lot’s of other first experiences.
And to keep memories of this trip, I’m going to make a mini book of photos, all the places we went, people we met.. (I missed some photo taking moments, but I still love what I got) and lots of other things. I’m going to take a note of lessons we learned on this first trip with baby :-)

This is how it looks so far.. can’t wait to finish this soon :-)

Updated June 16th' 2012

A page I did while waiting for my hubby to pick us up to Church this morning.
This left me with three more pages to finish and a little bit of finishing touch here and there.. then the book will be ready for viewing.. of course, hubby and sister in law will the first audiences. And I can’t wait to show all of you & expecting your inputs & critics. :-)

I use a lot of washi tapes here.. hahaha.. just made myself a washi addict & joined a washi workshop at Studio Calico. It’s fun!!!

I’m still waiting for more washi packages to arrive at my door :-p

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