Wednesday, November 20, 2013

See You Soon..

Just a short post & a little quote..

"No one else will ever know
the strength of my LOVE for you.
After all, you are the ONLY ONE
who knows how my heart sounds like
from the inside."

Planning to have my C-section this November 22nd' 2013.. so I'm kinda busy preparing things to bring to the hospital & so on..

This is a photo I took yesterday.. when I was feeling a bit gloomy & scared.. yes, I am.. this is my second time giving birth, but why am I getting scared? I have no idea too..
I guess I worry on things a little bit too much.. worry of who will be looking after my son, Michael.. worry whether I can do this all by myself or not.. and so on..
But like my hubby said, we're going to go through this together.. two kids, it's not gonna be easy.. they will require more time, effort, savings and a lot more from us, but we will always be together facing it.

After all, having a child is a great blessings. There are a lot of people trying so hard to get one, but hasn't succeed yet.
We have to embrace it and be thankful that we can have one baby boy and soon a baby girl..

I can't wait to see her though.. she's been kicking a lot these days..guess the womb is getting to tight, haha.. see you soon, my baby darling..


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