Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Late Post | Daydy with Me Layout

My husband and his friends started this hash-tag on their Instagram few months ago.. We all have almost the same age children & most of us spend time together a lot (those who are in Jakarta of course) and YUP! We all love to take photos of our children.
All the Dads came up with the idea of taking photos of the kiddos with their Daddies, but not showing the Daddy's face. So either, not shown at all or the Dad just look back or other direction.. and then, uploaded it to Instagram with the hash-tag #daydywithme.
It was really fun! Some of our other friends then start playing along too.. we're still thinking about the hash-tag name for mommy & the kids.

And this is a photo of Michael and his Daddy that I really like, taken when we all went to the beach with some friends last July. I know this might not fulfill the criteria for the tag, but I really want to use the title.

Using Dear Lizzy collection, and I forgot, I think the wavey paper is from Studio Calico. ;-p

You can see the Instagram #Daydywithme on this link.
And you are welcome to play along too..

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