Friday, March 28, 2008

Insomnia or just too much curiosity..?

I haven't been sleeping so well lately.. it's so hard to fall asleep.. Do I get insomnia? Oh, I hope not. I still get sleepy and heavy head at noon time if I sleep too late the night before. Does people with insomnia have that too?
I was wondering, is it really insomnia or I just happen too have too much curiosity?
Well, two nights ago.. was on the phone with my boyfriend and already said goodnight, he was tired and I said I'll go to bed too, perhaps read a book first if I couldn't sleep. So.. I read and read and read.. and the book is finished! and it's already 2.30 A.M. Well, the book was interesting too, P.S. I Love You.. so yeah, I'm so curious with the ending and don't feel sleepy at all..
Then, yesterday.. after chatting with my boyfriend, said goodnight and all, I went up to my bed.. getting ready to sleep, then I heard my brother outside, he's watching movies. So I went out an joined him.. I just finished making a doll (Kidnapper) in the afternoon and so eager to make another one (Sprite). As I'm watching TV, I start to cut the fabrics, start to sew, stitch, glue.. and voila! 3.30 A.M and the doll is finished.. then I went to bed.

What you say? I shouldn't be too curious? Is it bad?
I should really force myself to sleep tonight.. in fact, I'm a bit sleepy now..

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