Friday, March 28, 2008

P.S. I Love You

THIS, definitely is a MUST-Watch movie..
I haven't tho. Was planning to when my boyfriend came, but we didn't. Many things came up, like soaked in the rain, it's late and I have to go home early.. but I guess DVD will be great too. Promise you won't watch it first ya darl.. hahaha..

I read the book two days ago, and I finished it in overnight. Gosh! It's beautiful!! And my favorite character definitely is Gerry!!! haha.. well, of course. Girls must be crazy about him, moreover with a handsome face like Gerard Butler, just perfect! The only thing I don't want is his illness and short age.

Read the book, watched the preview.. I think there are lots of differences between the book and movie.. for one thing, Holly receive all the letters all at once, in a box. In the movie, Gerry sent her one by one (I guess, well, once again, I haven't watch the movie). And he also uses tape recorder..
Well, movie supposed to make it more lively, right? Hmm.. makes me more curious and want to see it so much.. grrr...
By the way, don't forget to visit the website, it's interesting. You can download pictures, see the photo shoot of Hillary & Gerard, about the music, and send a time capsule and cute e-card too!! I've sent one for Indra.. haha..

Hmm.. since I have finished this one (too!), I need another book.
Any recommendation?


Dian said...

any book by sophie kinsella = guaranteed laugh

the dog walker's good for a laugh too
how to walk in high heels = very practical and reforming
the bride stripped bare = true story, good twist, page flipper.

p.s. i love you = first book to make me cry after readin it first to finish in 4 hours...can't wait for the movie!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

I rarelly read novels, Ki..
Even Kinsella, I bought it coz I need some reading at the airport, but yes, I agree it was good.

The other three you mentioned, I haven't read them *hint hint.. haha..
Later when I'm back to Banjar ya..hehe..

P.S. I Love You, ce nangis terus.. no question! untung pagi nya mata ga bengkak2, hehehe..