Friday, October 24, 2008

The Lost Things, Letters & Stars..

I haven't finish reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, but yet, when I went to the book store last Monday, I bought another one. Okay, three exactly..

The first one, I just finished reading it Thursday morning, before office and while waiting for the technician for my car. Didn't I tell you my car was 'mogok' yesterday? Well, thank God that it happenned when I was about to go to the office and not while I'm on the way. I can't imagine standing there at the side of the street in this hot wheather. But hey! Last night was raining, the summer is going to end soon I hope..
Now, go back to the book.. It's titled The Book of Lost Things by John Commolly's. As usual, I'm interested with the cover and the title also. It's a fairytale for adults. Hmm.. and as I reading it, it's a bit like Stardust you know, that kind of fairytale, dark. There are mean witches that wish to eat your heart for their lives, a princess whose captured in a castle but actually is an evil queen who wish to suck your essence of life and there are dark creatures who eat flesh like harpies, trolls, and loaps.. things in your imagination that you're afraid of..
Some fairytales were re-told differently by Connelly, darker and unusual, but I enjoyed them. "Hansel & Gretel", "Little Red Riding Hood" whose not little anymore here and actually having an attraction for the wolf.

The second, I finished it last night. Yup, in a day.. The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright.
It's an amazingly beautiful love story, that's why I couldn't stop and just finished it the same day. Can you imagine someone would write to you everyweek for 39 years of their marriage lives? In real life, I don't know. But this book has Jack Cooper who has been writing his wife letters every Wednesday since their first night as husband and wife.
The story began with Jack and Laurel's (Jack's wife) deaths. Jack has been dealing with tumor in his head and Laurel somehow got a heart attack that night. And with his wife in his arms, and before he take his last breath, he wrote his last "Wednesday letter". Their children didn't know about the letters and how surprised they are finding boxes full of love letters their father wrote for their mother. Some were just expressing his love for his wife and kids, some were amazing stories to tell, some just a daily activities and last, that shocked their children the most, there are also some that has a shocking truth about their past. Having to deal with their own problems in their lives, preparing their parents funeral and now, faced with the letters.. they only have each other to lean on to..
The story is a about love and forgiveness. It's beautiful, and if you're so in to it, it might get you to start writing your own "Wednesday letters" too, as the writer intended to. (^^,)* haha..

Ouw, almost forgot about the third. I finished it first, on the day I bought it. Well, it's not thick, only a hundred pages and over. The Boy Who ate Stars by Kochka, translated by Sarah Adams.
About a twelve year old girl, Lucy, who's eager to learn everything about her neighbors in her new apartment building. And she ended up somehow attracted and all of her intention is directed to a little boy living above her apartment, Matthew. Together with her friend, Theo, she is determined to meet and understand Matthew's life that somehow is unfamiliar and exhilarating for them. With understanding Matthew's autistic life, their lives somehow were changed too and they start to see the world differently.. It's a wonderful story.. a unique way to see the world in the eye of a twelve.

Well, well, three books this week.. Hmm.. I have to finished the previous.. Eat, Pray, Love; Perfect Strangers and Thanks for the Memories (still with QQ tho).

Great day!


SANDI said...

yah gue juga suka ma yang tentang fairytale-fairytale :).. jean.. kamu istrinya indra ya :)

Jeanne said...

@ Sandi : YAY! ada teman sesama penggemar fairy tale..
sementara status masih pacar San, tunggu aja tanggal main nya, hehe..

Rashai said...

I can't remember the last book I read .. it has been years ago. Do you like fairytale movie too? Harry Potter, Narnia, Spiderwick, ..etc

Jeanne said...

You name it..I like most of them.
Spiderwick I like the book, yg English version, bentuk nya kaya sobek2 gitu pinggirnya. Harry Potter, collect the book and narnia, cuma liat film nya. :)
How about you?

Angel said...

wow..bukunya banyak banget yg dibaca. kliatannya menarik semua. itu bacanya yg versi indo apa inggris? yg the book of lost things tuh kyk nya menarik :-? jadi pingin, tpi aku masih ada 2 buku yg blom selesai. eh 3 deng :))

Jeanne said...

@ Angel : iya, soal nya akhir2 ini rada susah tidur, maka e di "habis"-i semua buku2 nya..
Ini versi Indo Ngel, kalo Inggris g secepat itu kali ya.. hehe..
The book of lost things menurut ku menarik sih..coba aja.. ringan kok.

masih ada 3? buku apa aja Ngel?

kanmaro said...

elmo: waaa..kayakna menarik semua ni bukuna!

Jason Wright said...

So glad you enjoyed Wednesday Letters! :)

Jeanne said...

@ Elmo : Yo'i Mo.. coba aja baca

@ Jason Wrigth : Oh My.. Jason himself commented on my blog..
Well sir, I do enjoy it, what's more? I finished it in a day!
Wednesday Letters is the first book of yours that I read, I want to look for Christmas Jars after this.. well, the season's coming, haha..

Laura said...

Speaking of The Wednesday Letters, I work with Jason and thought you’d like knowing he has a new contest on his web site where you can win a free trip-for-two to his hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley. All you have to do is mail him a Christmas card! All the details are here: