Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miley & Two Davids.. luv'em!!

Was browsing for Miley Cyrus’s song, 7 Things yesterday and I found this.
The winner of American Idol 2008, David Cook!! Is going to release his debut album on November 18th, 2008.
My brother and I have been planning to buy his album since he’s been announced as the winner of American Idol 2008. We’re in love with his voice, especially when he’s singing Mariah Carey’s Always be My baby.. his new arrangement is just great! I believe you guys have heard it too..
His new single, Light On, said has been released on radio and is positioned as number 17 into US Billboard Hot 100 during the week. I haven’t heard it tho.. but I hope it’s good.
David Archuleta, the 2nd winner has released his single to, Crush. It’s a cute song, just his style, and the clip, seen it on MTV is nice.
So both David, I really can’t wait (^^,)*


JieWa Vieri said...

Somehow kok aku lebih sreg dgn versi mariah carey ya? Mungkin disini hormon yg berbicara heuehehehe.. (mars venus thingy)

Jeanne said...

@ Jiewa : I think so.. hehe..
Yah.. bosen lah Wa versi Mariah Carey mulu, dia kan itung2 bawa angin baru, hoho..

kanmaro said...

elmo: suka cook juga ya?q juga suka..keyen :D

Jeanne said...

@ Elmo : yo'i.. albumnya mau keluar Mo.. ayo antriiii.. haha