Monday, October 13, 2008

New bookmark.. for Aunty..

Just made this last 9th October, only took me an hour or so..
two little bookmarks with the shape of bird and flower with leaves..

glad that she loves them.. (^^,)*


Rashai said...

What a beautiful craft!
You are really a craft mania, aren't you :-) Any Kinokuniya in Indo? I like spending my time at Kinokuniya and I think they got many craft books.
btw, thanks for putting my link on your blog, I'll link yours too..


Jeanne said...

@ Rashai : thank you.. yup, craft mania.. cuma kadang2 mood2an bikinnya, haha..
I think Jakarta has Kinokuniya, never been there though, only those in SG when I went there. I like spending time at any big bookstore, my friends and family can't stand it, haha..
Especially those that have huge collections of craft books..

thanks to you too..
Have a great day!!!

Indra said...

nice one.. simple, but nice

Jeanne said...

@ Indra : I luv it too, kinda hard to let it go, especially the bird..