Wednesday, November 05, 2008

RIP my notebook and what to replace..?

My notebook is dead.. hiks hiks..
It died before, but miraculously lived again so I can manage to backup my data, but this time, it really is DEAD!!

My boyfriend said maybe it's time to change and yea.. I agreed. I went to Galaxy Mall with my brother last Sunday, there was a computer exhibition and I thought there will be a lot of discount and things there.. lumayan kaaan..?

But yea, we didn't research and just came there wishing there will be one that is destined to be mine, hahaha.. Oh my.. there are so many types to fall to and make you confuse, which one to choose.. HELP!!!

The choices fall to Sony Vaio CR-353, HP Pavillion something, and Toshiba something.. hahaha..
I don't really remember the names.. the first and the third are pink colored (obviously!) and the second, you get a lot of prizes by buying it, printers, bags and it's cheaper than the two..
But yea.. still, they're way over my budget, hahaha.. confuse confuse.. spent the whole day there and I decided just to go home with nothing.. except stomach full of sushi (^^,)*
I gotta think it through.. altho I regret that the price will be way more expensive along with US dollar's conversion that's getting stronger, but at least I won't be buying something in a rush which will make me regret MORE.

I just had braces and I need to buy a new glasses.. guess the notebook budget will go down to PC? hmm.. dunno yet..
well, I'm not to mobile and rarely take my notebook with me, so why not PC that's cheaper.. but if I can find a good notebook, with the same price as PC, why not?
We'll see..

by the way, need some advice in buying notebook? click here..

P.S. the notebook picture is courtesy from Indra, thanks beb (^^,)*


Indra said...

we'll see beb. I still thought that laptop would be better for you, that way you could go portable when you need to. But yea, we'll see about the budget. Unless you don't mind indo brand such as Axioo and all hehehe

Jeanne said...

@ Indra : we'll see..

Chubby Panda said...

I'm not really supporting you buying PC. It cost too much energy eventhough it's cheaper. If you don't really need high end specs why don't just buy local product? I've tried one of my friend's. It's cheap and good enough although they aren't my fave ones. Anyway for your consideration a PC spends 300-400 watt while a laptop only spends 45 watt. Can you imagine how wasting a PC is? Let's help this planet go green by saving electricity. (^__^)

Rashai said...

Just wanna share my experience, if you are using Vista, make sure your memory (RAM) is 4GB minimum, otherwise you'll need your book to keep you busy while waiting your Vista to upload a single page.. :-)
Actually I don't like Vista since it's not really compatible and slow, I'd rather using XP instead.

initialb said...

@rashai, yeah u right. vista is a disaster. but still its not upgraded yet. maybe itll be better in 2 or more years. btw, english is so belepotan. ^^ sori ya non, malah rusuh. blognya enak. lam kenal.

Jeanne said...

@ Chubby Panda : go green!!!
Iya, been thinking bout that too.
Any suggestion for a good local product? thank you atas sarannya..

@ Rashai : yep, my 2 brothers had that experience too. It's hard to install things in Vista, both of them downgraded to XP already.
And the only thing I like about Vista is that buble screensaver, haha..
thanks for your input ya..

@ Initalb : wah, CS ama Rashai nih. Gpp, English ku ya campur aduk kok, sama2 belajar aja..
Blog nya enak? emang kue, hehe.. jokes..
Nice to know you too Initialb.
thank you (^^,)*

JieWa Vieri said...

Menurut kacamata saya sbg org IT *ciehh* merek VAIO mahal banget, ga sebandign dengan fiturnya. Kecuali memang unggul dari segi bobot dan fashion. Better HP :D

Yuliana-Fun said...

beli laptop aja cen.... lebih gampang dibawa kemana2 deh... :) kan aku dah bilang, serahkan pilihannya pada cowokmu si indra.. biar dia yang milih deh... kamu terima beres aja hehehe :)
btw awardnya apa ya? kok dcari2 ga ada ya?

Indra said...

hahaha.. ternyata aku salah denger. Aku pikir si Jiewa bilang Axioo yang kemahalan, ternyata Vaio. Kalo Vaio mah aku juga setuju.. harga segitu beli brand. I reckon Axioo yg kita liat kapan hari wes cukup bagus beb.

Angel said...

Im using vista with 2gb RAM. so far so good. ga lemot.
haduhh wana pink nya bikin ngeces dahh :P punya gue warna putih, dell ga ngluarin warna pink. hiks :(

Jeanne said...

@ Jiewa : just like Indra said and kupikir2 emang mahal, tp tampilan emang asli seh, cute banget!! haha..

@ Fun : hehe.. iya, tp end choice masih tetep di aku, hehe..
Award nya yang biru2 itu.. "semangat ngeblog & terus berkarya"
biar kmu semangat nge-post Fun, hehe..
copy and upload aja..

@ Indra : sehati dah ama Jiewa, sama pendapat nya, hehe..

@ Angel : putih keren jg kali Ngel.. tp emang pink girly abis..
kmu pake dell tipe apa?
bisa jadi masukan nih, hehe..