Friday, November 14, 2008

To Shenandoah Valley.. for free..

I just got a comment (or actually a message) from Laura on my post (The Lost Things, Letters & Stars..). She's currently working with The Wednesday Letters' writer, Jason F. Wright. She wrote to me about a new contest they're holding, where we can win a free trip-for-two to Jason's hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley, which is the set for The Wednesday Letters!!
I imagine that this place is really beautiful and I goggled some pictures.. I hope I got the right ones..

This is a view..

Shenandoah Valley at fall time.. I love the purple color..

Well, if you win the contest, you and a friend can get to enjoy all these beautiful view there.. All you have to do is simple, send a Christmas card to Jason and his family. The Christmas card must be received before December 24th, 2008 and he and his assistant will randomly picked the winner. Excited?!! Me too..
But then, I feel a bit disappointed. Although it's really really tempting, the winner will get a free trip, all expenses will be covered and other beautiful things in the package, but I think I can't join, because it's really hard nowadays to get a visa to US. My little brother tried twice for a vacation, but yea.. he got rejected twice too..
Besides, the ticket given are only from US continental only.. no Indonesia, hehe..

For those of you friends and readers who happens to live in US or near there, if you want to join the contest, you're very welcome, just visit here for more info..
I hope you'll win and send me some pictures of the beautiful view there..
Good luck!!


Rashai said...

too bad J.. no luck for the moment but if you really like it you can visit the valley on your own.. :-)
but I reckon you're not a 'crazy traveler' like me, are you?

Angel said...

bagus banget ya tempatnya. *ngeces* sayang bgt ga bisa ikutan :(

Indra said...

believe me, she DOES love travelling :)

gimana beb? honeymoon? hehehe

Jeanne said...

@ Rashai : haha.. bukan unlucky jg seh, kan belom join contest nya, hehe.. just passing it (^^,)*
You like travelling too ya?

@ Angel : haha.. Angel, awas laptop mu basah loh, hahaha..
iya nih, sayang banget.

@ Indra : I DO love travelling, and with my parents, the word "crazy" means spontaneous, dadakan, unplanned.. haha..
hmm.. for that, let's find some place else, sayang lah kalo cuma k valey doang, hehehe..