Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fabric Fun Dolls Exhibition 2008

I was really happy when I visit Singapore last time. Why? Coz there's an exhibition going on.
Fabric Fun Dolls Exhibition 2008
(with Boxy Bat Design)
Date: 21-30 November 2008
Time: 11am-8pm
Venue: Basheer City Room Gallery 231 Bain Street, # 04-19, Bras basah Complex, Singapore 180231

I found about the exhibition when I got online in my bro's dorm, Shanghai. I got so excited, especially cause I got one more day to spent in Singapore on the way home. This was the first time I'm able to visit any exhibition, especially those in my interest.
I want to go to this kind of exhibition when I visited Singapore few times before, but I always missed the date. The exhibitions were mostly held by MAAD (Market of Artists And Designers) and it's always on the first weeks (1st / 2nd) of the month. When I visit Singapore, it's usually when my Dad has an appointment with his eye doctor, and it's usually at the middle or end of month.. so yea.. I always missed it. hiks hiks.. That's why I'm pretty excited with this one..

I went there last November 27th'08.
Here are the photos..

1st pic: the front door.
2nd pic: overview of the exhibition gallery.
3rd pic: awesome Boxy Bat design.
4th pic: the lovely fabric dolls (I want to take them all home with me, haha..).
5th pic: 2 flannel Bat DNA key chain, handmade by Nana.
6th pic: a pic of me & Nana Fong (the one's holding the FFDE'08 & Bat DNA creator).

It was fun visiting the exhibition although it was not as big as I thought, well, it's a solo.. haha.. I enjoyed it. Nana is a nice person too.. and I troubled her with the tripod when I asked if I can take a photo with her, hehe.. thanks Nana.
You can see her exhibition slideshow here.
She's a good illustrationist too, I saw her painting an umbrella when I went there. you can see her work on Soloist & Buwawa (I'm not putting more pictures here, won't run out your bandwidth, hehe..).

Hmm.. I hope I can visit the next exhibitions (^^,)*

Photos with FFDE'08 on are courtesy from
The others are Jeanne's documentary

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