Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My very first swap..

I've been following flickr for quite some time and I saw some crafters from abroad swapped things (like craft materials; fabrics, buttons, etc and cute little things like stickers, ribbons, dolls, and lots!!!). I wonder if there's anyone want to swap with me.. and then, one day, a flickr mail come to me.. there's a flickr friend from Singapore who wants to make a swap with me.. All she wants is that I made her a guitar like I made Indra on his latest birthday.
I thought I was going to Singapore, it might save me shipping cost if I can finish it before 18th of November, but yea.. I got so much things to finish and the guitar just not finished yet.
She's very kind tho.. she still sent me the swap things she meant to give me and there are LOTS of them!! So many cute little things.
I feel I shouldn't only send her a guitar, maybe with some little sweeties too.. we'll see.. I'll just have to finish work first and of course, the guitar!! hehe.. (^^,)*
The things she gave me:
- girlish notebook and memo pad
- Hello Kitty zip lock
- Strawberry coin purse
- 2 mushroom magnet clip (orange & green)
- Tissue cover
- 2 Hello Kitty ribbons
- A cute jar with fabric flowers & bear, and glass carrot
- cute tapes (with many design; Hello Kitty, etc)
- 2 wooden stamp
- Kisses stamp pad
- 2 Hello Kitty fat quarter
- rabbit origami paper
- Lovers cat's plate
- Strings in four colors
- little Pinocchio tote bag
- cherry zip bag
- (tas serut) elephant
- adorable strawberry Unazukin
- awesome birdie Shinzi Katoh mug.

They all so great!! I love them. Charlene is a great swapper, she choose the best for her swap friends (^^,)*
I also just found out that the Unazukin is actually a rare toy, it's a decision maker toy which you can ask question to and able to nod while answering "yes" or shake it's head for saying "no". Made by Bandai and no longer produced, why oh why?
I saw the dolls on some of my flickr friends photo streams and really like them, but don't know how to get one and how could I expect to receive one from Charlene? WOW!! I'm so happy..

P.S. the pillow, rabbit doll and haha bunny is my own.

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