Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eclipse & Breaking Dawn..

Yep yep! This pic was taken yesterday.. straight after I just reached home from office. Tampang kucel amburadul and yet, still managed to get a photo and not ashamed to put it here, hahaha..

So, the shop attendant at Periplus, Juanda texted me yesterday; "The books just arrived miss Jeanne. Do you want us to deliver them?"

Wahahaha.. I'm so excited!!!
Tho I'm thrilled with the 15% discount with HSBC if I bought the book at the counter, but I couldn't get in to the terminal without plane tickets right? and Periplus PTC don't have it, moreover the ones that have the only two books left is Galaxy Mall, doh jauhee..
In the end, I followed my brother's suggestion to let Juanda's Periplus shop assistant to deliver it to my house. Cost me more rupiahs, but I thought it's okay.. if I went to Galaxy, it might cost me more.. for the gas, and the eyes if they see something, I would end up shopping and spending more, hahahaha..

*reading eclipse now.. page 595 already.. hahaha..


Angels said...

breakign dawn susah tuh waktu bulan lalu (yg english ver). dimana2 ngga ada :( akhrinya aku nyerah. tunggu versi indo aja deh. eh giliran versi indo dah ditangan. lom dibaca2. hehehe

periplus bisa pesen lewat web ya?

Indra said...

darn you Edward Cullen, DARN YOUU!!! wakakakakakakaka

addicted to it huh beb? I'm rather curious about it myself, after qq told me about their abilities and all, BUT..

I can't even stand reading Harry Potter :P

ferdian said...

keep reading...keep reading...
klo dah kelar pinjem ya huahaua

novilim said...

hahahha..baca terusss..pasti penasaran klo blom kelar..
gw ud hampir nyelesain Breaking Dawn nih..
jadi bingung klo ud kelar mw baca apa lagi...
(kapan Midnight Sun nyampe yah..??)
Btw,, salam kenal..^^

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel:kmrn aku jg kehabisan Ngel.trus pesan d Periplus airport Juanda itu,pas kemarin aku balik dr Bjm ..kayak nya pesan d website bisa deh.

@ Indra: jangan gitu lahh..dia kan cuma tokoh fiksi,the writers'dream lover maybe,hehe..Actually,the ones that addictive is not Edward,for's the story.

@ Ferdian: klo lu d Sby boleh aja pinjem Fer.sayang lu d Jakarta,hahaha..

@ Novilim: salam kenal jg.yea,emang,aku dah nyampe hal.535..hehe..
Sama,klo dah mau abis dilema..dhabisin sayang,g dbaca penasaran.hahaha..
Midnight Sun?ada emang?

Nindy said...

itu versi inggrisnya ya kak??
apa nggak lebih mahal???

soalnya versi inggris gampang nyari pdf-nya. hehe :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Nindy: iya Nin,itu versi Inggrisnya.klo dbanding ama yg Indo ya jelas lbh mahal,tp d periplus bsa diskon klo punya HSBC kt nya.
Ohya?bsa dload pdf?tp bacanya ampun2 deh duduk d depan monitor..hehe..
Thanks ya btw..
Lam kenal (^^,)*