Thursday, March 05, 2009

In a korean mood - the Classic

Hmm.. gara2 kesengsem sama lagu nya Alex, aku jadi nyari2 lirik lagu, browsing2 and gosh! nemu klip video ost. film Korea yg paliiing aku suka. The Classic a.k.a Keulrasik.
A 2002 Korean movie, but I just found out about it on 2004, while studying in Beijing and fall in love with it and the actress, Son Ye Jin (손예진). After that, I always watch most of her movies ('^,)*

The thing I like about the Classic is the story, ya iya lah ya.. if the story is not interesting, will you watch it? haha.. guess not. It's a love story between a boy and a girl, but always had her girl friend in between, her friend likes this guy too. But it's just the ending that I love, when they both realize that her mother and his father are actually lovers in their youth lives. Wee.. fate? I don't know.. maybe.. and the SONG!! I love it so much.. I never knew the title, I just listened to it over and over while remembering the scene when the song appears.. when they both running under the rain, awwww.. so romantic.. (am I being corny? haha.. who cares?!).

This is the music video if you want to see..
If you haven't watch the movie, better find one and watch it, I bet you'll be waa... can't say the word. Ga nyesel lah pokoknya!!

The lyrics for you to sing..

No e ke Nan, Na e ke Non (You to Me, Me to You)
OST of Keulrasik/ The Classic
Romanization by puPpy eYes ~_~


No e ke nan / hae jil nyong no-ul cho-rum
han pyon yi a-rum-da-un / chu-o-ki dwe-go
so jung aet-don / uri pu-ru-don na-rul gi-on-kham-yo
u huh / wi ob-shi / ku-rim-cho-rom / na-ma-chu-gi-rul


Na e ke non / nae i-rob-don / ji-nan shi-ka-nul
hwanha-ke bid-juo ju-don / hae-sa-li dwe-go
jo-ku-mahn-don / no-yi ha-yan son-wui-ye
pidanun bosonchorom / yong-won-ei yang-su-ki dwe-o

Repeat Chorus


Na e ke non / cho-rom-yi sul-pun / no-rae-ro
nae ja-kun ga-sum-so-ke / i-roh-ke na-ma
ban-ja-ki-don / no-yi ye-pun nun-mang-u-le
sumanh-un byoli dwi-o / yonghwon torok pimnago shipo

Repeat Chorus until music fades

Translation - I am Yours, You are Mine
by Goro - chan (

I am yours, like the sun which sets
The beautiful memories are all from one place
Precious memories of the naive days together
Woo- they remain as a picture which has no regrets

You are mine and make the lonely times pass
You are the sunlight which shines on me
Your small white hand in mine
Like the sparkle of a jewel it makes the promise of eternity

You are mine, like a sad graduation song
You are still a small part of this heart to mine
Your beauty glitters in your eyes
Like so many stars I hope you will always shine

lyrics by


Rashai said...

Wow.. I am a fan of Son Ye Jin too... have you watched 'Summer Scent'(series), A Moment to Remember, mmmm.. what else? btw, I got the Summer Scent OST on one of my posts last year, I love the song.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Rashai : udah doong, dah lama banget tuh film, bagus. I got the Ost. too!
A Moment to Remember bikin nangis.
Yg lucu tuh, The Art of Seduction, Son Ye Jin main nya beda, biasa nya kalem eh jadi rada centil2 disini..
d April Snow dia selingkuh ama Bae Yong Jun.
haha.. banyak dah!

Rashai said...

April Snow bagus ga? few friends said not it's not that good and I don't really like Bae so haven't watch yet.. :-)
Art of Seduction for sure I did enjoy her kinky character :-)
Btw, ada recomend buat serian baru yg bagus? Haven't got the good one since 'Three Dad's and a baby'.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Rashai : April Snow g gitu bagus, pas liat cover nya kirain bagus ternyata g gtu.
Ceritanya istri si Bae ama suami Son Ye Jin selingkuh, ketahuan pas mereka kecelakaan djalan. Abis gitu gmana lupa si Bae ama Ye Jin e jg selingkuh.. bingung ama maksud cerita e.. g suka aku, jd g gitu nyimak.
Ada nih film come-back nya Ye Jin, My Wife's Getting Married.. g tau apik apa g tapi..baru beli. Poligami d Korea, tp ini istri yg punya suami dua, haha..

Kalo seri banyak yg dbeli, tp belum pada dtonton, hehe..